Dramatically increase your income from conveyancing for FREE

Introducers have seen a substantial increase in profit by switching to IFAconveyancing. Our technology allows you to add a fully functional conveyancing programme to your web site offering your visitors the opportunity to compare and instruct a solicitor online. You can use our conveyancing programme to add value to your web site and business.

Mortgage brokers
You control your own referral fee which is paid automatically upon completion.

Add conveyancing functionality to your web site

With our white label you can set your own referral fees. Our investment in technology has allowed us the ability to integrate our programme seamlessly into third party web sites. You can opt for a simple iframe to include the programme within a frame on your site or choose the more advanced option of using our XML feed.

Our XML feed gives you the ability to fully re-brand our conveyancing programme as if it were your own.

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Programme benefits

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Programme benefits

  •   Advanced case tracking
  •  Competitive conveyancing costs
  •  Simple to use comparison system
  •  Costs delivered in seconds
  •  Instruct online
  •  View solicitors feedback
  • Web site integration option
  •  Referral fees up to £400.00
  •  No sale, no fee guarantee
  •  100% transparent costs
  •  Referral payments paid on completion
  •  Direct live link to solicitor

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If you are a member of another panel then please take to time to register with us and compare our prices against your existing provider.

If you have never placed your own conveyancing before, then now is the time for new business thinking!

If you are a solicitor, licensed conveyancer, IFA, mortgage broker or estate agent and wish to enquire about our services on this site then please don’t hesitate to contact us or you can register online.

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